Mind X Magazine is a brain exercises magazine that circulates for free across Vancouver Island. The goal is to promote brain fitness in the community in a fun and entertaining way while promoting local businesses through advertising.

The magazine is available in more than 120 different locations across Vancouver Island including grocery stores, public libraries, recreational centres, shopping malls, professional buildings and on BC Ferries.

MXM focuses on puzzles lovers of all ages and is becoming a people’s favourite publication. The main audiences are men and women between 40 to 75 years old, however, people of all ages are becoming readers and fans very quickly.  It is a great publication to enjoy hours of fun and entertainment while completing mental games that go from crosswords, sudoku, word search and much more.  Ideal for commuters, for waiting at airports, bus stations, hospitals or doctors’ offices or simply to take a break from screens and electronic devices.

Readers grow in numbers with every issue, MXM has the highest pickup rate among other free circulation publications in Vancouver Island.  Businesses enjoy a great and focused exposure as people take several minutes on each page while completing mental games.  People take the magazine home and keep it for weeks before recycling and getting the most recent issue. MXM has become popular in different groups as a community builder, metal therapy tool and as a helper to overcome loneliness and boredom.